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Flynn Pharma to Launch Akis® in the United Kingdom

Flynn Pharma Limited is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to Akis® a novel injectable formulation of diclofenac sodium in the United Kingdom, under the terms of an exclusive licence and distribution agreement with IBSA Institut Biochimique SA (Switzerland).

Akis is licensed in ampoule and pre-filled syringe presentations of 25, 50 and 75mg/mL for administration as an intravenous bolus or by the subcutaneous or intramuscular routes of administration.

Intravenously Akis may be used for the treatment or prevention of post-operative pain in the hospital setting and for the subcutaneous and intramuscular routes is additionally effective in treatment of acute pain including renal colic, acute gout, acute trauma, fractures and exacerbations of osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.

The product is formulated using hydroxypropyl–β-cyclodextrin to solubilise the diclofenac sodium enabling each dose to be administered rapidly within a single millilitre of solution, whereas the currently available standard formulation of diclofenac sodium is 75mg in 3mL of solution.

Akis will be launched in the coming months initially in the 75mg/mL ampoule presentation.

Dr David Fakes (Chief Executive Officer, Flynn Pharma) added “It is a fantastic opportunity for Flynn to make an important contribution to the available parenteral therapy options in acute and post-operative pain management. It is particularly noteworthy that Akis can be administered as an intravenous bolus whereas the current standard of care and method of administration requires a 30min-2hr iv buffered infusion of diclofenac sodium in a volume of 100-500mL. Akis offers important practical and cost effective advantages, whilst enabling maximum plasma concentrations to be reached within a few minutes.”

Akis® is a registered trademark of IBSA Institut Biochimique SA (Switzerland).

About IBSA

IBSA Institut Biochimique SA was founded in 1945 by a group of Swiss biologists with its head office in Lugano. IBSA Institut Biochimique represents the headquarters of the IBSA group. After an initial phase of consolidation at national level, IBSA experienced a period of rapid expansion and even developed an international reputation starting in 1985, the year in which the current chairman took over as head of the company.

Under the new management the company adopted a strategy of optimizing the use of active ingredients for developing innovative pharmaceutical forms capable of improving patient compliance and the treatment required. The activities cover 8 main treatment areas (Pain and Inflammation, Rheumatology, Reproductive Medicine, Endocrinology, Urology, Dermatology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory), with 58 exclusive patents. Currently the IBSA group employs over 1,400 people and is present in over 80 countries through partnerships and local subsidiaries in Italy, France, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Poland, Turkey, China, Scandinavia, Russia and US.

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